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Colour Changing Chromatic Alginate Moulding Powder with Tools


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  • Fast set Chromatic Alginate 900g (or 450g) moulding powder
  • Perfect material for making casts of hands, feet and other body parts
  • Safe to use on babies & toddlers
  • Changes colour when setting – easy to use (use colder water for a longer setting time)
  • Comes with a set of tools – paintbrush, PVA glue, wooden pick, latex-free gloves

Our chromatic alginate comes in one 450g or 900g packet. Completely safe for use on babies or toddlers hands or feet, and sets quickly within 2 minutes to make an amazingly detailed cast. The perfect gift for your family or friends. Simply mix with water and then stir together. The mixed solution changes colour and finishes a light grey once set.

Included Casting Tools

Comes with a set of tools, to aid the casting post process:
Small paintbrush for painting fine details.
PVA glue packet for sealing the final cast (only seal once dry). This gives a better finish.
Wooden pick for cleaning out any tough to reach pieces of alginate (inside fingers, toes or in any small gaps.
Latex-free gloves to help protect sensitive hands.

Mixing Instructions

  • BEGINNERS TIP: Use cold water for more setting time
  • Use 100g powder to 300ml water, and measure both separately
  • Mix the powder carefully into the water (not the other way round as this can cause mixing problems)
  • Start mixing the solution instantly with a metal/plastic whisk, or a flat spatula.
  • Warm water sets quicker than cold water, so take this into account
  • Approximately 30/60 seconds after mixing, pour the solution into a container, sized correctly for the hand or foot
  • With the hands / feet having had olive oil applied to them beforehand place them into the mixed solution, and move around slightly, making sure the solution has spread into all gaps
  • Keep still for approximately two minutes until the alginate has set a light grey colour
  • Once set, slowly wriggle the hands or feet free (this where the olive oil helps)
  • For optimum results, pour a separate plaster of paris mixture into the new mould as soon as possible (no later than 1 hour)

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