10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas We Adore

10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas We Adore

10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas We Adore

Baby showers are predominantly an American tradition but we’re experiencing an unmistakable rise in British popularity. Could this be related to the ‘Mumstagram‘ boom and the product placement that comes with it? Potentially. Honestly though, we believe its more to do with the simple fact that baby showers are a nice thing to do.

…and why not celebrate the fantastic news? Why not provide a baby shower gift you know the mum-to-be will be really thankful for?

The market is so saturated with options it’s near impossible to know where to start, but if you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, rest assured that we’ve done our research.

Here you can find ten ideas that tick three important boxes: thoughtfulness, uniqueness and practicality.

1. Ewan the Dream Sheep

He looks like a simple cuddly farm animal, but in actuality this fluffy toy does so much more. Ewan the Dream Sheep helps babies settle down to a peaceful sleep, something that is wholly important for their development. Ewan replicates the sounds of a pregnant mother’s womb and heartbeat, creating a soothing influence for restless infants.

These sounds are combined with natural household elements to help acclimatise young ones to their surroundings, rather than keep them dependent on the familiarity of the womb. The sounds are produced at a low bass frequency of 125hz, an ambient level of pink noise. Alongside the sounds, Ewan also produces a soothing, pink glow that mimics another aspect of the womb.

ewan the dream sheep

Ewan The Dream Sheep is priced at around £29.99 and is widely available both online and in-store.

2. Personalised Peter Rabbit Book

Peter Rabbit is one of Beatrix Potter’s most iconic fictional creations, and this timeless children’s story is now available to purchase in a personalised format. As well as personalising the front cover and story content with the name of the newcomer, customers are also permitted to include two messages on the inside of the front and back covers.  It introduces concepts like manners, morals, and common sense alongside excerpts from Beatrix Potter’s original tales.

Packaged in a smart cream gift box that is including inside the RRP, it makes for a lovely baby shower gift with a personal touch.

peter rabbit little guide to life

Peter Rabbit’s Little Guide to Life is priced at around £24.99 and is widely available online.

3. Gro Company’s GroBag

The Gro Company founded the baby sleeping bag revolution back on the turn of the millennium. Their product offers a safe and comfortable alternative to sheets for the cot. Now, over 95% of parents in the UK use baby sleeping bags as an alternative to sheets or blankets. Why? Well, babies kick off their blankets during the night so sleeping bags stop them from going cold, and inevitably crying! 

There’s a huge range of cute designs on The Gro Company’s website so you can find a baby shower gift that suits the mother-to-be’s style. 

baby grobag

The Gro Company’s GroBag’s are generally priced from around £14.99 upwards, but shop around online and see what you can find.

4. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

A baby shower gift to be used later down the road. When the dreaded teething process comes around, this will become a godsend. As opposed to the typical teether, Comotomo’s is produced into an obscure shape that newborns find irresistible. It is designed to mimic baby fingers, making it perfectly sized for teething tots to grip and chew on. Even the sizes of the individual prongs have been considered – each one is just about long enough to reach the back molars, but not long enough for you to worry about the possibility of choking.

The teether is made from a soft, hygienic, medical grade silicone that is also heat resistant – this means parents can easily sterilise the teether in boiling hot water. 

comotomo teether

The Comotomo Teether is priced at £14.00 and is widely available online.

5. Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Kit

A postpartum period begins immediately after the birth of a child as the mother’s body, including hormone levels, return to a non-pregnant state. With this baby shower gift you can ensure that mum’s recovery is considered alongside the baby’s introduction to the world.

At a baby shower, a large proportion of the gifts are always going to be for the baby…. and that’s no bad thing of course, because the whole purpose is to celebrate the new arrival! It’s as important as it is nice to consider mum too though, especially after the stress of childbirth.

The organic gift box contains a set of five Earth Mama items including bath herbs, body wash and nipple butter. It is widely regarded as the best recovery kit on the market.

post partum kit

Earth Mama’s post partum kit is priced at £40.00 roughly, dependent on the combination of products.

6. DockATot Baby Pods

DockATot Baby Pods are a multi-functional baby shower gift that “reinvents the womb.” This product has been designed to offer a snug, comfortable environment for babies to lounge, rest and play, as well as functioning as a changing mat and a bed transition. It is extremely lightweight making it easy to travel with.

It is a comfy nest that provides babies with the perfect micro-climate to live in without having to worry about harnesses or straps.

DockATot’s grow pods vary in price, check out their website for designs and styles.

7. Ergobaby Child Carrier

Babywearing brings babies back to their safe place by positioning them close the heartbeat of their mother. When a baby feels close to their parent, they feel safe. Practically speaking, they also free up hands meaning they can get from A to B without carrying or pushing a pram along. Parents can feel very comfortable knowing that in an Ergobaby, or similar baby carriers, their child is being held in a completely natural sitting position that keeps the little one comfortable.

This is a baby shower gift with mileage, as child carriers can be used up to toddler age. Here, young ones may be taking their first steps but the carrier can come in handy when their legs become tired.

8. babybloom’s Little Blue Bunny Hamper

A stylish hamper is a thoughtful way to welcome a new baby into the world. This hamper product comes with a gorgeously soft toy rabbit, alongside a wide range of award winning skincare that has been especially designed for the delicate skin of a newborn baby. These are combined with six pairs of cosy, cute stay-on newborn socks.

The whole product is packaged in an incredibly impressive and fantastically illustrated gift box, complete with a gift card for you to include a message for mum. The hampers are available in pink or neutral colour schemes.

welcome home baby set

babybloom’s Little Pink Bunny hamper is priced at £50.00 and available from their website.

9.  MamaMEbox Subscription

Subscription boxes aimed at parents are a massive business in the United States, and we’re starting to see them catch on over here in the UK now. MamaMEbox’s subscription makes for a really good baby shower gift, with a box of delights arriving through the post each month. MamaMebox’s deliveries are jam packed with treats designed to spoil mum, including edible treats, beauty products and motivational cards.

All of the products are sourced from independent businesses ran by mums, making it a really unique and interesting delivery each month. You can sign up for a one-off delivery, or a three/six/twelve month basis.


10. Fit Bump Box

This is an ideal gift for mums who wish to continue to keep as fit as possible during pregnancy and beyond. It offers guidance as to the right kinds of exercise and activities to do, and provides the encouragement needed to see things through.

The box has been curated and designed by Joanna Helcke, a pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert. It comes with a resistance band and ball, plus a Pilates cushion. It also includes membership to Joanna’s online workouts, which are available to stream on practically any device you could think of.

fit bump box

Fit Bump Boxes are priced on a tiered structure, you can find out more here.

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