Tips for getting kids involved in a summer BBQ

Tips for getting kids involved in a summer BBQ

Tips for getting kids involved in a summer BBQ

Although this summer hasn’t been the brightest or the warmest, the season isn’t quite over yet. 

There’s still time to get the family together for a classic barbeque, so here’s a few tips to help you and the kids get more stuck in for the next upcoming barbeque!

Why barbeques? 

Throughout the summer everybody enjoys a good barbeque, not to mention they are the perfect parties for families. Everyone gets to see each other again, especially with COVID having a big impact on our long distance relationships. For many of you it may well have been a long time since last seeing some family members. 

A barbeque environment is also perfect since all the family get to enjoy the sun, relax and enjoy home cooked food (as long as it doesn’t get burnt!). It’s also a perfect type of party that the kids can get involved with too, whether that be getting messy with the food or creative with the decoration. 

dad and son barbecuing

Outdoor decorations 

Before the kids get involved with the food, a perfect place to start is outside. They can get creative by making signs to go around the house and garden – it’s always helpful to tell guests where to find the toilet without having to repeat yourself constantly! In addition to showing what certain snacks or drinks are.

You can really go all out with these but on the benefit side it can be done simply with cards and pens, it really is up to you and your children. Everyone is different and although some kids prefer to spend hours creating one sign, others may want to make it much more simple and not spend too long on this task.

Not all kids enjoy arts & crafts though so another way to get them helping out can be to decorate the garden with a few balloons, lights and maybe set up a small seating area with blankets and cushions. These are simple items which you can most likely find around the house (balloons might have to be a trip to the shops) but by putting it all together your garden can become a perfect setting for a family friendly barbeque. 

Then all that’s left is putting the different refreshments out so your guests have some nibbles and a drink in their hand before the barbeque begins. Not to mention with any added signs, family members with allergies are well aware and safe at all times. 

family meal outside

Garden activities 

At family barbecues we all know it can be difficult to find the right entertainment for the kids, since their ages can differ by quite a few years. Therefore, finding the perfect garden activity means finding something that all age groups can enjoy. 

Since the event is already outside, why not try some outdoor sports? This can include games like football, beach tennis or something to really get everyone involved such as a water fight. These activities are great for letting the kids loose and really use up all their energy. 

However, we all know there are many competitive children (and adults) out there, so for those that may take these games maybe a little too seriously I’d suggest something more relaxing and creative. The BCAP family casting kit is a perfect example of this. Families with young children or new-borns can get stuck in and create the perfect souvenir to take home and keep throughout the years. It’s unique and personal so many people will be highly appreciative of the offer.

A second way to allow kids to be creative is again with paints or pens. As a large family activity you could grab a large piece of paper (maybe A1/A0) and let everyone just paint and colour whatever they want on it. This then creates a huge family memory and it’s fun to get everyone involved – no one doesn’t enjoy a little bit of doodling. 

Moreover, these activities can work hand in hand together. We all know how excited children can get at these types of events especially when they are surrounded by others around their own age. So with sporty activities that will get them up and moving it’s a good way to release all this energy before the barbeque is potentially prepared, so whilst eating they are much calmer and tired out and can continue being in a relaxed state with the more laid back activities. 


Food preparation and hands-on cooking

As I’m sure we all know, kids love getting stuck in and messy but rather than this time it being with slime it can be with something more useful – the preparation of the food! Although it would be a bit too dangerous to allow the kids to cook the BBQ themselves, they can surely help with the preparation of the food through things such as; marinating the chicken as well as buttering the corn on the cob and wrapping it in tin foil. 

By preparing a simple seasoning for the chicken the kids can get stuck in it by rubbing it all around the chicken and allowing it to set into the skin. Of course before moving onto any other cooking task they will definitely need to wash their hands but another great example would be to prepare the corn on the cob. Kids will love rubbing butter all over corn on the cob to ensure it melts into the corn when getting cooked to give off a nice buttery taste. They can then wrap each cob in tin foil ready to be cooked. 

For something more personal to each guest, a kebab making station can be made. All that’s needed for preparation is a range of chopped vegetables as well as various meats. All guests will love this one, even the adults! 

For the evening the fun doesn’t have to stop as everyone can gather around a small fire pit and have the choice of roasting marshmallows and/or creating smores. However, since that’s not for everyone you can always make a conventional dessert of a Victoria sponge so there’s more choice for all, not to mention the kids can get stuck in with making the cake and decorating as well.


family cooking in the kitchen