15 mums we LOVE to follow on Instagram

15 mums we LOVE to follow on Instagram

15 mums we LOVE to follow on Instagram

From the inspirational to the downright hilarious, there are so many amazing mums doing their thing on Instagram at the moment.

We must admit we are suckers for following their shenanigans. We use our account to secretly get our daily dose of #mumstagram.

The Instagram community has developed into a great place for us to spend a bit of free time (free time?! if only!) and keep up to date with relatable people. Sure, not every person on Instagram is going to resonate with you. You may be more interested in the worlds of fitness and food than you are fashion and beauty – but that’s the great thing about Insta.

With that in mind, we wanted to share a wide range of our favourite accounts. We’re confident there’s someone for everyone.

1. Michelle Kennedy – michellekennedylon

Michelle is the founder and CEO of a mobile app called Peanut, a great platform for mums to discover and connect with each other. The app helps to enhance the growing online mum community by recognising that motherhood can be isolating, and breaking those barriers down by creating a way to communicate. If you’re looking an an empowering Instamum to follow, Michelle may be that person. 

2. Steph Phase – justanothermummyblog

By her own admission, Steph has ‘jumped on the mummy blog bandwagon’ to share her journey . Steph is an Australian blogger with a passion for fashion, personal fitness and interior design. She recently gave birth to her second child, Willow, who at the time of writing is six months old. We really enjoyed her blog post about bringing home your second baby and it shows that she really isn’t afraid to give us an insight into topics like post-natal anxiety.

3. Amy-Rose Watts – amyrosewatts

The first thing we noticed about Amy’s Instagram feed was the astonishing use of colour. Some of the outfits she produces for Ivy and Ted are simply adorable, and we find ourselves taking inspiration from her feed all the time – especially over the summer months. More seriously, you’ll find Amy-Rose open up about her daughter Ivy who lives with complex congential heart disease, caused by a rare condition called right isomerism.

4. Danni Remender – danniremender

Danni is a Brit-turned Californian, and we love following her Instagram feed to keep up with one of our own out there in the States. She’s the co-owner of Fawn Shoppe, a fantastic online store selling the cutest children’s clothes, toys and more. In a recent interview with Garmentory she described her Instagram feed as “a pretty stream of beautiful places and babies throughout my day.” What more could you want?! 

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5. Eimar Varian Barry – eimarvarianbarry

Eimar is based in Surrey but originally comes from Cork in Ireland. She’s certainly one to follow if you’re big on your baby pictures, as she recently became mum-of-three after the birth of her first boy, Lennon (who is gorgeous!) Eimar blogs on fashion and lifestyle so you’ll find a really aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed complete with gorgeous shots. Mothercare recently teamed up with Eimar as part of their Newborn Diaries campaign, you can watch her Pregnancy & Labour Story here.

6. Sarah Turner – theunmumsymum

Sarah’s reach extends well beyond her Instagram account. As well as her blog, she is a published author with bestsellers The Unmumsy Mum and The Unmumsy Mum Diaries. Sarah lives in Devon with her husband, James and three sons – Henry, Jude and Wilf. She has a huge social audience of almost 300,000 keen followers and that’s because @theunmumsymum, having started in 2013, is one of the more established new-wave parental bloggers out there. 

7. Serena Williams – serenawilliams

Serena Williams is a vitally important role model for all young women who are interested in sport. She is a multiple Grand Slam winning tennis player but, more importantly now, a mother to daughter Olympia. We follow Serena to get a glimpse of the balance she finds between motherhood and sporting dominance. You can find inspiration in her strong, determined focus to succeed in her final few years as a tennis player. Her captions are regularly positive and uplifting. We can’t get enough!

8. Zoe de Pass – dresslikeamum

Zoe set up her blog, backed up by a fantastic Instagram account, to challenge and change the negative perceptions of ‘mum dressing.’ She’s on a mission to prove that mums don’t have to lose their sense of style just because they’ve had a couple of kids. We find her to be a fabulous resource for achievable fashion and style inspiration! You’ll also find beauty tips and style ideas to help you save a bit of time. Her overall aim is to make the high street a better place for mums to shop, and we’re right behind her.

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9. Ilana Wiles – mommyshorts

Ilana gives us all an insight into fashionable, city parenting. She documents what it’s like to be a working mother to two daughters (Harlow, 3 and Mazzy, 6) in the heart of New York City. Ilana worked as an advertising creative director for over 15 years before focusing on her @mommyshorts blog full-time. As well as personal anecdotes and funny baby meme posts, you can also expect a celebrity or two from the “The Mommy Show” series, where Ilana interviews stars from the comfort of their own home.

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10. Becka Robinson – beckarobinson

Becka is a personal growth coach and posts regular coaching webinars. What we love about her account is that, although she’s a mum to Cadence, we still get a real sense of herself shining through. After having Cadence she struggled to get control of her body, and more importantly, her mind. But through hard work and shakeology she managed to lose 70lbs in nine months. Her 30 minute programmes are fun to try. She describes herself as an artistpreneur: ‘a self employed creative making a living from their passion.’

11. Ellie Gibson & Helen Thorn – scummymummies

The go-to Instagram account for ‘less-than-perfect parents.’ Ellie & Helen are both comedians with recommendations from BBC Woman’s Hour, The Times and The Guardian. The duo write and produce a fortnightly podcast chat show and we think it’s hilarious! They cover a massive range of parenting topics from pregnancy right through to gardening, and from autism to the best wines on offer!

12. Jessica Smith – jessicasmith27

A former Paralympian, Jessica represented Australia as a swimmer for almost a decade. Now retired, she has dedicated all of her time and effort towards raising mental health awareness. In particular she places an emphasis on mental illnesses specific to body image and eating disorders. Her inspiring story and tireless campaigning led to her being awarded the Cosmo Woman of The Year Award in 2017.  Through her Instagram feed we are taken on this journey with her family.

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13. Micah Quinones – lifewithmicah

Okay, so this technically isn’t a mum. This is an Instagram dedicated to documenting the life and experiences of young Micah Quinones, who was diagnosed with down syndrome at three months old. The account is run by his mother, Amanda Booth, who is a model from Los Angeles. It’s clear to see that Micah has inherited his mum’s love for the camera. The account was initially created to share pictures with friends and family, but it quickly became much more than that. In an interview with BuzzFeed, Amanda said “I want to show that with the right nurturing, any baby can thrive.”


14. Susie Verrill – susiejverrill

Susie explains that when she began to delve into the saturated world of mum blogs, she found very few writers were speaking to her on a personal level. Becoming a mother made her want to meet new people and learn as much as possible. That’s what her account is all about. Wife to Olympic long jumper Greg Rutherford MBE, we get a glimpse of her life as a mum to sons Milo and Rex. It is an honest refreshing balance between idyllic holidays and the raw reality of motherhood. 

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15. Anna Macfarlane – kidsaretheworst

400,000 followers for good reason. Anna shares a congregation of the some of the funniest parenting memes on the internet. This Instagram account is jam-packed with hilarious posts that turn every nightmare moment into comedy gold. Every now and again you may get a small look at the life of Anna, but most of the time you should be prepared for some witty spins on parenting.


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