5 Ideas For Families To Get Spooky This Halloween

5 Ideas For Families To Get Spooky This Halloween

5 Ideas For Families To Get Spooky This Halloween

Autumn is here, and as the leaves fall of the trees an the days get colder it only means one thing, Halloween is approaching! Halloween is a great time of year as you can spend time with your family taking part in spooky fun activities. So here is a few ideas for you to get spooky this Halloween.

Pumpkin picking

One thing everyone associates Halloween with every year is pumpkins. Arguably Pumpkins are the main symbol for Halloween as everyone around the world likes to put one on their doorstep or dotted anywhere around the house to show that they are in the spooky season. 

They are very popular with children as they love getting ready to scare people and one way of doing this in a fun way is by pumpkin picking. This is a great activity to get involved in as you can carve out your pumpkin into anything you would like, whether it be scary or child friendly. 

Across the whole country there are many farms where you can go pumpkin picking and there is a huge variety for you to choose from, you can get pumpkins in all sorts of sizes and colours and the fun continues when you get home. If you’re looking for a great family day out then this will be ideal for you.

Two children with two pumpkins

Pumpkin picking may seem simple but there are so many benefits your children can benefit from it. Carving the pumpkin will encourage children to think more critically as they will need to design a face they would like on the pumpkin instead of jumping straight into it! Helping them draw a design they like will push them to be more creative.

Once the pumpkin is finished and placed on show for all the neighbours to see, the children will feel so happy that their pumpkin creation is valued highly by their parents.

Costume/dressing up

Getting into a costume and dressing up is always fun to do, but only one day a year are you allowed to dress up in something scary and go absolutely crazy! Children love to dress up because it allows them to be creative and use their imagination and the spooky season is perfect for this. 

Kids of all ages will dress up in their scary costumes to frighten their friends and family, which is what makes Halloween such a fun time. The costumes don’t even have to be expensive either, you can go wild with it and make your own or you can go to any clothes shop and they will sell a creepy outfit to your liking. Dressing up scary is always exciting however, without the children noticing it teaches your child an important lesson at a young age. What’s real and what isn’t. Growing up kids are slowly learning about life and what they don’t understand will scare them.

If they saw a kid’s program with monsters in it they could think that they might be real. So by encouraging them to dress up as a scary character and watching their friends and family all dressed up will make them think that monsters and ghosts aren’t real, it’s just a fun activity everyone gets involved with during the autumn season.

Child dressed as a witch with a pumpkin

Spooky crafts

From a young age children love being creative and making new things and this is because they can express themselves through art. As well as being creative, they enjoy the autumn festive season as this is their opportunity to scare their friends and family, not just by wearing a creepy costume but by making terrifying crafts. 

You can make a huge variety of scary objects such as spiders, ghosts, monsters plus many more all through origami and other materials that are not even expensive! The kids will love being able to create their own creepy monster as they will enjoy the funny reaction you give when they scare you, priceless! 

Encouraging children to take part in spooky crafts not only gets them excited for Halloween but it helps develop their motor skills and make them think more creatively. A lot of crafts involve a variety of different aspects such as cutting, gluing and manipulating objects. Helping them cut items such as paper with safety scissors will develop their motor skills, but also getting them to bend and twist objects such as pipe cleaners will further develop their skills but also make it very fun for them!

Guiding them through a step by step process on how to make the crafts will allow them to learn the craft visually and develop their hand eye coordination skills, making this a fun activity to take part in with your child. But also teaching them simple skills that they will benefit from later on in life.

Spooky food

Children love to bake, especially when it’s sweets and chocolate! Arguably the only reason why kids love Halloween is that they get to trick or treat and their parents will let them have as much candy as they want as a one off. But as well as getting all these treats from trick or treating it’s always a good idea to give something back to the neighbours. 

A great idea would be to start baking your own treats! They don’t even have to be that expensive; you can get all sorts of baking kits at an affordable price, which all kids will love. To make it even more exciting you can create spooky food such as spider pizzas, chocolate strawberry ghosts plus many more to give your neighbours a big freight!

Baking always brings joy to kids but without them realising it benefits them in a lot of ways. For example, when baking you have to increase your focus and attention as if you miss one step then the final product will not be the best. Which is why it’s important to read every detail with them so they can eat that gooey chocolate spider at the end!

Cooking is such an important life skill that is needed to be an independent adult. So teaching kids from a young age the basics of cooking and baking will go a long way, especially if it’s showing them how to make creepy foods to scare their friends!

Spooky Casting kits

Our casting kits produce the most stunning results and bring your family even closer together with this fun activity. The moulding material that we use is completely safe to use on your skin and you can create the most amazing casts of your hands and feet in a variety of shapes and sizes.

What makes this great fun for kids is that it feels like slime, and after a minute or so it sets. Once it has set you can make this into a fun Halloween activity by surrounding the bucket with cobwebs, screwed up newspaper, bubble wrap or anything that you can think of. Then let your child’s imagination run wild and let them pretend it’s some sort of ‘slime pit’ or ‘monster slime’.

Once the moulding material has set, get your kids to slowly pull their hands out, and then you can pour in the plaster of paris mixture to make the final cast. After the cast has set hard – feel free to paint this in spooky colours, and decorate with fake spiders, scary ghosts plus many other creepy creatures!



We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog on the 5 ways for kids to get ready this Halloween. If there is anything you think that we have missed off or you have tried one of our ideas, then get in touch today and let us know how you got on!