COVID 19 Update: How we have reopened for studio castings

COVID 19 Update: How we have reopened for studio castings

COVID 19 Update: How we have reopened for studio castings

Since June 16th we have been open for studio castings again after being closed for the strictest period of the UK’s lockdown. While we’ve still been able to help our customers get their families together and solidify their memories by way of our DIY casting kits, our goal has always been to get the studio up and running again and enjoy the smiles, laughter and excitement we share with our customers.

To do this, we’ve put in a lot of new measures to make coming to our studio as safe as possible for you, your families and everyone else you go home to. We ask all of our castees to be mindful of Covid 19 even before they come to our studio, and if they have any symptoms at all we kindly ask that they stay away and rearrange their appointment to a later date.

Once the day of the casting comes and you arrive at the doors of our studio you will find that things are running a little differently to before, so we wanted to let you know what to expect.

Hand gel on entrance and exit

Hand sanitiser, moisturiser and a facemask

On arrival you will immediately be met by a hand sanitiser station, and we ask all incoming customers to ensure that they sanitise their hands thoroughly. This is quickly becoming a standard procedure in all public places, and so we hope that everyone paying us a visit will be well used to keeping their hands extra clean especially when coming in from the outside world. 

While we clean all the surfaces on the premises on a regular basis we cannot absolutely guarantee that any traces of Covid present in the studio are eliminated, so on leaving we ask that you again sanitise your hands before getting in the car and heading home. This is part of our commitment to our local community, in that we do our absolute best not to further any spread of the coronavirus by being open for business and in the unlikely and unfortunate event that we discover it in our studio we have already taken preventative measures to keep it in the studio.

Face masks worn by our team

The second part of our commitment to keeping any potential coronavirus within the team is making sure that the whole team wears a mask at all times. This is also quickly becoming commonplace in the new world with masks being a requirement in shops across the UK.

To make sure that we keep the risk as minimal as possible, the masks we wear will be changed after each appointment and either disposed of or washed to ensure that we always have clean masks when seeing new customers.

Face masks required by all customers, and provided on entrance if none have been brought

Don't panic facemasks are available at baby casts and prints

In line with the UK’s regulations for wearing masks in shops, we ask that all of our customers wear a mask from the moment they come inside. This provides both our staff and customers coming for following appointments a modicum of safety from any potential coronavirus that might be carried in by an infected person who is showing no symptoms.

If you don’t have your own mask, or simply forget it on the day then there’s no need to worry, we have plenty to go around and can provide you with one free of charge. By now almost everyone in the country has their own that they are comfortable with, and so to make sure you have the best possible experience we ask that you do your best to remember it!

Only those present in the casting allowed in the studio

Possibly the biggest change we have had to make is limiting the number of people in the studio at any one time or in any appointment. This means that in each appointment only those being cast are allowed in the studio, or one parent if it is a child castee. 

We always pride ourselves on how we interact with our customers during these casting sessions, and having fun with everyone in the room is a big part of the experience so we’re very reluctant to have to limit this, but we’ll still always make sure that your day is as fun and exciting as we can make it. 

Daily cleaning of all floor and worktop surfaces

Cleaning products being used to sterilise a hard surface

One of the key tasks we have been performing to ensure the safety of all our customers is thoroughly cleaning all the flat and solid surfaces in the studio. Throughout the pandemic studies have shown that these types of surfaces are where the virus thrive, and so regularly cleaning them with disinfecting solutions is the best way to ensure that no one can leave or pick up any coronavirus inside the studio.

To help us with this, we ask all of our customers not to lean on or unnecessarily touch any surfaces within the studio, as this further limits any possible risk of transmission means we can focus more on giving you the best casting possible.

Weekly deep clean of the whole casting area

Alongside the regular daily cleaning of surfaces in the studio, we are also implementing a weekly deep clean to make sure that each week of appointments are as safe as can be. This cleaning includes a deep scrub of all the flat surfaces, along with disinfecting all the nooks and crannies of the studio that might have attracted any trace of the virus. With the surfaces done, we also ensure that any furniture in the studio is thoroughly cleaned and made ready for the coming appointments.

Extra hand washing by the team

Handwashing in a sink with a bar of soap

Finally we have implemented a vastly increased amount of handwashing for our team to make absolutely sure that we are not carrying any bugs or bacteria on our hands while performing your casting. This has been the simplest form of defence throughout the pandemic, and is crucial to making sure that your special day with us is as safe as can be.

How can you book a casting?

We hope that all of these safety measures are enough to leave you at ease, and we’d love for you to experience one of our studio sessions in person. With the extra measures that we have put in place we only have a limited number of appointments per day, and they fill up fast! If you would like to book your own casting in our studio then you can do so by getting in touch with us on our website.

Or alternatively if you still aren’t ready for a face to face casting, then take a look at our DIY home casting kits, which make for a perfect family activity and help you lock your memories in forever.

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