Our 8 Favourite Baby Blog Influencers

Our 8 Favourite Baby Blog Influencers

Our 8 Favourite Baby Blog Influencers

Across all social media channels there are many baby blog influencers that we follow because the content they produce is stunning, which is what we always strive to do. Here is a list of our favourite baby blog influencers.


Louise Pentland

The Winner of the Mother&Baby’s The Mum list in 2019, Louise Pentland has gone on to achieve incredible things since first starting up her YouTube channel 10 years ago. She has managed to gain millions of followers across all of her social media channels and it’s not hard to see why with the brilliant content she posts.

Louise is incredibly honest about life and she isn’t scared to tackle tough subjects, she makes everything look easy with the positive attitude she carries with her constantly. A true inspiration to all mothers in the world!

Louise is possibly our favourite blogger on our list with all the content she puts out, not only is it fun to read and watch, but it’s also very engaging as she has so many activities for families to get involved in – especially during the festive period! Christmas has already come early for Louise this year, as she has already got the Christmas tree up and has begun decorating. 

She posts constantly on her Instagram stories the new Christmas crafts she has been making to bring all the family together for the festive period, she even shows where you can buy items like tinsel, wrapping paper, beads and pipe cleaners from plus much more! We definitely recommend you give her a follow across all social media channels!


Candice Brathwaite

Candice Brathwaite, founder of Make Motherhood Diverse, is a truly great inspiration to all mothers around the globe and she is a true force to be reckoned with. Candice is straight-talking and she promotes inspirational reads all over her Instagram and writes blogs too which always keeps her audience on edge constantly.

Candice’s’ Make Motherhood Diverse is an act of inclusion. She looks at all representation of motherhood across the UK and she encourages all mothers who are not heard to be heard. Her aim is to provide visibility to all mothers that are out there to come forward with their stories of what it is like to be a mother, because it can be very difficult for some and they are not heard.

Candice Influencers so many people by being on the hit UK show Lorraine, and she is the Sunday Times Bestselling author of ‘I Am Not Your Baby Mother. The book is an absolute treat to read with some truly heart breaking realities of black motherhood in the UK. We encourage you to read this book as it is definitely worth your time!


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AD: Even though I’m not the best cook (I think we all remember some past cooking videos!) I do think it is important to teach kids about nutrition and where in the world different foods come from. Esmé loves helping me out in the kitchen, especially when she’s trying a new dish for the first time – we have fun with it, even if it does mean she ends up helping me more than I can help her. But recently we’ve also been collecting @Sainsbury’s @LEGO Collectable Cards and Album, which teach kids about where food comes from… and we’ve both learnt SO much! It’s also been wicked to speak with her about what cuisine she’d like to try out next! For all those parents out there looking for a fun way to teach their kids, I honestly can’t recommend them enough. You get two free packs of cards when you purchase the album for £2.50, and you get a free pack of cards for every £10 spent in store and online. They’re available until 27th October so if your kids are missing some, there is still time left to grab them!

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Giovanna Fletcher

Mrs Fletcher is quite the busy lady and we don’t know how she manages to pull all the work she does off let alone make time for it all! Giovanna is a big influencer across social media with just over a million followers on Instagram and has a high following count on her YouTube channel, which is full of entertaining videos for you to watch.

She even has her own podcast ‘Happy Mum Happy Baby’ which is extremely popular to all mum audiences, and to those who have not listened to it yet – we strongly advise you to give it a listen. Giovanna discusses all aspects of parenthood in her podcasts which includes the highs of being a new parent but also the challenges and lows it might incur, but through parenthood there are always rewards!

In addition to her podcasts, she has recently begun virtual meetups with parents across the UK who maybe are finding it tough being a parent and are looking for advice, she encourages them to share their stories of being parents. They discuss interesting topics that are not usually talked about like their experiences of breastfeeding for example. Giovanna hopes a positive outcome will come of these virtual meet ups as she hopes to empower and support anyone that needs to hear it.

A truly fantastic blogger, mum, wife, author plus much more, Giovanna is the perfect idol for all mothers to look up to and we believe she is well worth the follow across all social media channels!


Anna Whitehouse

Anna Whitehouse provides valuable insight into parenting life, the highs and the lows but also the incredible journey you are on when you’re a parent. Anna is constantly on Instagram uploading inspirational quotes for all parents to read but also previous experiences she has had, which unfortunately are not all happy but definitely worth reading and listening too, as there are many parents who have gone through a similar journey to what she has but have struggled to talk about it. Anna is an inspiration to us all.

Anna’s Instagram is also full of fun content as well, she constantly posts the fun activities she does with her children and husband, who she has recently got on Instagram ‘Pappa Pukka’. Her husband posts brilliant content on his channel too and shares their parenting journey too but also provides insight to what it is like for Fathers who have become dads for the first time. 

Both of their daily tips are vital for any parent who is looking for help, but also show the great benefits to having children as there is no other feeling or experience like it. Be sure to check Anna’s website out too which is full of fantastic blogs to read which include a much more in depth look at all aspects of parenting. On her website she even has funny videos for you to watch, which are not just entertaining but also instructive, so be sure to engage in that content too!

Susie Verrill

Susie Verrill is a glamorous modern day mum blogger who posts brilliant content on her Instagram channel which gets plenty of engagement from her audience as she constantly uploads fun crafts for your children to get involved in but also for parents too. 

A story we love in particular from her Instagram is the ‘At Home Play 2’ and during these highlights is moments where Susie showcases the fun she has with her children. It’s amazing to watch and truly melts your heart as they are so adorable when they are having fun taking part in making dens, helping cook cookies, playing with playdoh plus much more!

Susie’s social media shows how fun being a parent is and the amazing memories you will make with your children and watching them slowly grow up! Susie is definitely an up and coming blogger that will only continue to become more inspiring like the other mum bloggers on our list!


Anna Williamson

Anna Williamson is one of our most unique bloggers on our list as she is our very own agony aunt who answers all of your questions baby and parenting related. She is a Tv presenter, author and life coach with a number 1 bestseller for an author! 

On Anna’s Instagram she posts constantly and is very open about the highs and lows of parenting and how it can have a major impact on your mental health. She even discusses the gross parts of being a mum!

Mrs Williamson plays a major part on the YouTube channel ‘Mother&Baby’ where she discusses in more detail the challenges of being a parent, tips & advice plus answers the audience’s most asked questions. If you’re a parent then this is definitely a channel you must follow especially if you are looking for help – that’s what agony aunt Anna Williamson is there for!


Zoe de Pass

Zoe is on a mission to change the stereotype of badly dressed mums, she consistently posts new fashionable clothes for all mothers to wear so that they will never feel underdressed. She is mainly on Instagram posting her amazing and bold clothes which she effortlessly pulls off and fills you with the belief and confidence that you can do the same!

Also on her social media channels she is always participating in fun activities with her children which include creating fashion video skits with her kids where they all dress up either in matching outfits or like dolls.

A truly exciting video to make which gets all the family involved, if you’re looking for more goofy and fun activities to take part in with your kids then Zoe’s social media is perfect for you to check out!

Sarah Turner

Sarah is one of the top mum influencers in the UK with an outstanding 2 bestselling books which has increased her following massively across social media and it’s not hard to see why! She consistently writes blogs for her huge audience documenting parenthood and the tough realities of being a parent – the scarifies that you can make plus much more.

Sarah’s Instagram is an absolute treat to view as she is always posting the fun times she spends with her children from going on small trips to the supermarket to having a sing-along whilst watching CBeebies. It’s so adorable to watch and she even does giveaways to her audience which include the latest child toys. If you win the competition you’re definitely getting into your kids good books!


We hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite baby blog influencers. Let us know what you thought of our list by getting in touch today and if there are any influencers we may have missed then feel free to let us know!