Music Crafts for Kids

Music Crafts for Kids

Music Crafts for Kids

All children begin to love music from a very young age and they enjoy it even more when they can play with musical instruments of their own. So here is a list of our favourite musical crafts for all kids to enjoy!


Tissue Box Guitar

Something about a guitar immediately draws the attention of all children with the cool sounds you are able to make from it. You can create high and low sounds then begin to create a rhythm which then turns into song. 

Although children will not be able to play the guitar confidently at such an early age, they will understand how to at least play the instrument and make a small tune from it – which will put a huge smile on their face!

So, to make it as easy as possible we have created a list of equipment and steps you should follow to be able to make a tissue box guitar, which your child will be able to get involved with if they would like too. There are only six steps you will need to follow and before you know it you will have your very own guitar.

Dad and daughter drawing


  1. Empty tissue box
  2. Safety scissors/regular scissors
  3. Used up paper towel roll
  4. Rubber bands
  5. Small Knife (Parent tool)

Firstly, you will need an empty tissue box as this is the base for the guitar, it would be ideal if the tissue box is long rather than a square box as this is where the music will generate from.

Secondly, using the safety scissors cut off the top of the cellophane where the tissues come from. This is essential as later on when the guitar is complete your child will need to be able to strum the guitar as easy as possible.

Thirdly, you will need to cut a hole at the side of the box for the paper towel roll to go on top. To do this simply place the paper towel roll on top and use a marker pen to trace around it, then using a small knife cut along the lines. Ideally do not let the children do this step.

Next, insert the paper towel roll into the hole and make sure it’s about 2 inches in. The roll needs to be as sturdy as possible so to help it be more secure we advise you to use tape to hold it in place.

Now the paper roll is in place, the exciting part is about to begin. Using a few rubber bands you will need to wrap them around each side of the paper towel roll, if you would like to be more adventurous then use rubber bands that are different types and sizes so that you will be able to create different sounds.

Finally, now the hard work is complete, it’s time to go crazy and decorate your guitar as much as you would like too. You can add cool stickers, paint it or even add sparkling glitter if you wish to – let your child’s imagination run wild!



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Tambourine Craft

As long as it makes a cool sound, all children will love any instrument. But one of the top musical instruments loved by kids is the tambourine and this is because it’s possibly one of the easiest to play – making it more enjoyable!

With it being an easy instrument to play it also means that it’s easy to make too and it’s one of our easiest instruments to make on the list. You will need numerous equipment for it but we do advise you to spend a lot of time decorating the tambourine at the end, your children will go crazy when it’s designed the way they want it to be.


  1. Paper plate
  2. Paper puncher
  3. Yarn or thread
  4. Jingle Bells (8 or more)

Now that you have the equipment ready there are five simple steps to follow and to start with you will need a paper plate, ideally a smaller one, but if you would like to make it a stronger tambourine then you can use two paper plates.

Next, a paper puncher will be needed so that you can punch holes around the edge of the plate. It’s important to make sure that the plates are evenly placed so they’re one inch apart.

Thirdly, using a length of yarn or thread, begin to loop stitch around the edge of the plate as this will come in handy when you’re adding the jingle bells later on. A top tip for this step is to add a little bit of glue on the leading tip of the yarn or thread, once this has stiffened it will be easier to thread through the holes. This is a much more challenging step so be sure to take your time.

Once you have looped the stitch on each hole you can now add the jingle bells onto each loop and here the tambourine will start to take form. With all the bells added onto the plate, now continue to stitch the edge of the plate.

Finally, once that last tough step is done the real fun begins! You can now decorate your tambourine as much as you would like and go completely crazy with your kids. We recommend using as many colours as possible to design a unique musical instrument.


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Coffee Tin Drum

Along with the guitar, children’s favourite musical instruments are usually the ones that make the most noise and a drum certainly qualifies in this category. A drum tends to make a loud sound however these are usually bigger size ones, so to combat this we have figured out a way to create a drum that is small in size and doesn’t make too much of a racket.

By following 5 straight forward steps you will be able to create your own drum all from a coffee tin and you will not need the hassle of acquiring loads of equipment. 


  1. Coffee tin
  2. Craft glue
  3. Construction paper
  4. Fabric (Double the size of the coffee tin lid)
  5. Safety scissors 
  6. Glue gun
  7. Ribbon

Firstly, remove the label and lid from the coffee tin then where the label was on the tin use that as a guide to cut the construction paper. Then glue the construction paper around the tin using craft glue. 

Secondly, use the hot glue gun to glue the fabric onto the top of the coffee tin and make sure to trim the excess fabric but leave enough of the material so that an inch or two will be past the glue.

Thirdly, place the coffee tin lid that you took off back onto the tin so that it will secure the fabric and your kids will have a sturdy surface for them to drum on. Then using some ribbon, glue that around the edge of the lid then your child will not think it’s an old coffee tin.

Now those three steps are done you can now design your drum kit with whatever you like! You can use all sorts of items such as markers, stickers and other decorative material.



Straw Flute

The flute is a classical musical instrument that will never age. Whilst it can be difficult to learn how to play the flute we have a method for your children to create their very own musical flute. To create the straw flute there are only a few steps you will need to follow and they are all easy to learn.


  1. 8 plastic drinking straws
  2. Sticky tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Ruler
  5. Pen or pencil

Begin by cutting your first straw at 20cm then the next straw after that make sure it is 2cm shorter each time till you have cut them all. Then line all your straws up from longest to shortest and use the sticky tape to tape them all together.

Now your child will be able to blow across all the straws to create tons of sounds. The shorter the straws are then the higher the sound will be, and the longer the straws are the deeper the noise will be. This is perhaps the easiest musical instrument to make on our list, however, it’s still as enjoyable and fun as the others, so get making your very own straw flute today!


Egg Maracas

From a young age all children are introduced to the macarena dance at a school disco or assembly. It’s a fun and groovy dance for them to learn and it sticks in their memories for the rest of their lives. One musical instrument that is perfect and ideal for this dance is the maracas. 

Maracas make a loud shaky noise as the sound of the rice inside the instrument generates the loud sound, but the noise they make is what attracts everyone’s attention. So here we have a list of equipment for you to acquire and a step by step list on how to create your own maracas at home.


  1. 2 Plastic eggs
  2. 2 Scoops of dry rice
  3. 2 Plastic spoons
  4. Washi Tape

Firstly, open 2 plastic eggs by gently twisting and pulling them apart to separate them. By using two plastic eggs you can make two maracas.

Secondly, pour dry rice into two plastic egg halves and then safely twist the plastic eggs back together once the rice has been added.

Thirdly, you need to place each plastic egg between two plastic spoons, an easy way of doing this is by placing the plastic egg onto the bottom spoon and then adding the other by simply placing it on top.

Next, wrap the plastic egg and spoons in washi tape as this tape is very secure, however, we advise to wrap the tape around the egg and spoons twice. You can use whatever colour washi tape you like but we recommend the more colourful the better your maracas will stand out.

Finally, wrap the washi tape round the bottom of the spoons so that the maracas can fit comfortably in your hand then they will be even more secure. Once that is done you can go wild with decorative material and design your maracas the way you want it too – go crazy with your imagination!

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog on music crafts for kids. If you liked our musical crafts or if you think we have missed anything off then get in contact!